By: Kaoru Moulton | 11-30-2017 | News
Photo credit: Fadel Senna | AFP

Libya Allows Emergency Migrant Evacuations Amid Slave Scandal

Libya agreed on Wednesday between the EU and African leaders that immigrants abused by detention centers within a few days or weeks can be evacuated.

This decision took place after President Alassane Ouattara Cote d'Ivoire asked for "all urgent measures" to end Libyan slave dealings and other immigrant abuses at Abidjan's EU Africa Summit.

Leaders from countries such as Libya, France, Germany, Chad and Niger "decided on an extreme emergency operation to evacuate from Libya those who want to be," Macron said after speaking to the press after the summit.

"Libya restated its agreement to identify the camps where barbaric scenes have been identified," Macron said, adding Libya's UN-backed President "Sarraj gave his agreement that access be assured."

According to French leaders who called the meeting, African Union, European Union, and United Nations officials at the meeting offered increased support for the International Organisation of Migration "to help with the return of the Africans who want it to their home countries".

"This work will be carried out in the next few days, in line with the countries of origin," he said.

Libyan slavery has a long history and has a permanent influence on Libyan culture. It is closely related to the broad context of slavery in North Africa.

During AD 650 to 1900, 10 to 18 million Africans were enslaved by the Arab slave merchants and traveled across the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Sahara Historians estimate.

From around 650 AD to the 1960 's, Arab slave trade continued in various forms.


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Anonymous No. 13007 2017-11-30 : 10:13

Instead of dumping them in Europe why not send them back to their home countries?

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