By: Kaoru Moulton | 11-29-2017 | Entertainment
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Victoria's Secret Model Falls In Front Of Millions

SHANGHAI, CHINA - Chinese model Ming Xi slipped in front of millions of viewers at the fashion show highlight of Victoria's Secret on Tuesday.

She had done something no model had done in the show's 15-plus year history: Xi took a tumble on the glittery runway.

Xi's fall was more than just a chaotic moment in the show.

While amping up her hometown fans, her gauzy skirt slipped under her heel, sending her straight to the ground. In recent years, the show has filmed the dress rehearsal as well as the final run of a show so that the production team could edit out mistakes like this. However Xi's tumble, as well as the agonizing moments that followed of her trying to get herself together while in tears, were still shown on TV.

Even if the fall was an embarrassing moment for Xi, she didn't let any humiliation show on her face. She maintained a smile throughout the experience and wasn't afraid to laugh at herself. After adjusting her hair and wings, she got up and proceeded to walk. She even received applause from the audience and her fellow models.

Ming Xi was born March 8, 1989, a Chinese fashion model. Her professional modeling career started in 2009. She modeled the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. She currently lives in New York City.


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Anonymous No. 12993 2017-11-29 : 23:41

cute ;)

Anonymous No. 12996 2017-11-30 : 00:37

How is these news? Is she your waifu laddie?

Anonymous No. 13134 2017-12-02 : 04:36


Joanne Sgrignoli No. 13150 2017-12-02 : 14:35

Why is this news?

She's human. Lifehappens.

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