By: Earnest Jones | 02-06-2017 | News

White House Leaks Are Coming From Obama Admin Leftovers: Trump Asserts

President Trump's phone calls with various world leaders have been leaked, this has infuriated the White House as it recently reported that investigations were underway to unravel the individuals behind the leaks. Plenty of speculations about the leaks have been coming from the White House but President Trump has finally asserted that he is aware of who is behind the leaks.

Massive backlash was sparked after details, and perhaps fabrications about the conversations between Trump and the leaders of Mexico and Australia were leaked to the Media. However, this came despite the fact that both the Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and the White House have branded the allegations in the leaks as nonsense.

Its no surprise that President Trump is finally speaking out on the controversial issue, Trump has stated that he believes that the leakers of the phone calls are Obama administration holdovers in the White House and the National Security Council.

Trump called out the leakers as he said that its such a disgrace that they leaked the important phone calls, adding that their actions were against the U.S. Trump told Fox News on Sunday that Obama people are responsible for the disgraceful leaks as he emphasized that the move was very dangerous to the United States. In retaliation, the White House has disputed the reports surrounding the phone calls, terming both conversations as positive.

Shortly after the private conversation between President Trump and Nieto, the Associated Press reported that the US president threatened to send the US military to Mexico to handle the bad hombres if Nieto was unable to handle them. AP reported that Trump told Nieto that he has a bunch of bad hombres down there and that the Mexican president wasnot doing enough to stop them, adding that he thought the Mexican military is scared and that he'd send the U.S. military which is not scared.

After the report was released, Mexico denounced the report, branding it as a downright lie. Pena Nieto's spokesman, Eduardo Sanchez made it clear that there was no threat involved in the phone between the two leaders and that the reports were nonsense.

The Mexican government also made it clear in a tweet that said that the comment did not happen during the call. President Trump has made it clear that the people responsible for the leaks are being replaced and weeded out.

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