By: Steve Dellar | 11-29-2017 | News
Photo credit: Chicago Police Department

Son Murders Father, Posts Pictures On Facebook

Mr Carlton Edmondson’s father Carl had known for a while that his son was getting ‘unstable’, so he sought an order of protection from his own son in August of this year. Just last month, in October, he repeated his request and it was finally accepted.

The order of protection barred Carlton Edmondson from having contact with his father or even coming to his house.

Given that the younger Edmondson was frequently arrested, police served him with a copy of the order upon his last arrest.

But soon after he was released from jail, Mr Carlton Edmondson drove up to his father’s house, walked in and murdered the 61-year-old. He proceeded to mutilate the body in the basement of the West Pullman home and then posted several selfies of himself during the act on Facebook.

On his Facebook page that day was an image of a hand touching what appeared to be the victim’s battered skull. The photo was captioned, “Yo bAudie is mA party #babhyhh.”

Additionally, a photo of the murderer wearing what appeared to be a bloodstained jacket was posted on the social media network. There were also a number of disturbing Facebook status changes that seemed to reference the homicide, such as one in which the poster solicited payment for a dismembered body part.

After being notified of the pictures by a family member, police proceeded to the premises and upon arrival took Mr Carlton Edmondson into custody. they found the body of his father beside a Bowie knife, circular saw, and a “concrete capstone,”

The body was smelling of gasoline and a half-empty gas can could be found nearby.

Court records show that 26-year-old Mr Edmondson had been arrested six times already for a variety of misdemeanor charges in very weird circumstances. In one instance he had refused to give his name to police officers who saw him drinking on a street corner; he had stolen a pair of $16 sunglasses from a South Side Target and snatched a 70-year-old woman’s cell phone.


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