By: Earnest Jones | 02-07-2017 | News

Soros Is All Over Anti-Trump Lawsuits

President Trump’s executive order that temporarily blocks visas from the seven countries that are dominated by Muslims has faced more than a dozen lawsuits. However, a closer look at the controversial lawsuits, there’s a more predictable political power dynamic at play. The lawsuits are stemming from organizations that are bankrolled by Democratic state attorneys general and the billionaire leftist George Soros.

The New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has carried out a political vendetta against Trump, he’s also led 15 other state attorneys general in a joint statement condemning what they called an unconstitutional, un-American and unlawful executive order. Schneiderman among other Democratic AGs added that religious liberty has been, and always will be a bedrock principle of the U.S. and no president can change that truth.

In an Instagram picture that Alex Soros, George Soros’ son, posted of himself with Schneiderman, he wrote that it was great for him to have met with newyork attorney general who recognized that trump was a fraud way before many and courageously taken him on.

Democratic attorneys general in Virginia and Massachusetts as well as Schneiderman intervened in existing lawsuits. Among the many lawsuits, the lawsuit brought by Washington State Attorney General Robert Ferguson has achieved the most success since it has blocked the order nationwide. Based on the conviction that the executive order is separating Washington families and therefore harming thousands of Washington residents, damaging the Washington economy and hurting Washington-based companies, the federal judge was convinced.

The Democrats are cashing in off the lawsuits as seen in a Facebook post, the Democratic Attorneys General Association said that people should stand with Attorney General Bob Ferguson and all Democratic State Attorneys in fighting for what is right, adding that people ought to chip in support for the Democratic AGs as they fight for progressive rights.

Several advocacy groups that initiated litigation against the order are being financed by Soros’ Open Society Foundations. The American Civil Liberties Union has led the way in several lawsuits and as a result it has gotten at least $35.5 million from the Open Society Foundations.

The National Immigration Law Center has also received $4.6 million from Soros as it is involved in litigation. The Urban Justice Center has also received $621,000 since it has an appendage that is known as the International Refugee Assistance Project, which is also involved in the lawsuits.

It’s no surprise that pressure groups that are funded by George Soros have been litigating to keep U.S. ports-of-entry wide open to terrorists and other individuals that hate America. Soros has made it clear that he intends to bring America down, one of the tact’s that he intends to use is to flood the country with Muslim aliens who won’t assimilate.

The American Immigration Council, the Northwest Immigration Rights Project and the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild filed a class action complaint on behalf of lawful permanent residents that want their family members who are citizens of the seven countries to make their way to the U.S.

The American Immigration Council received a total of $425,000 from the Soros’ Open Society Foundations from 2011 through to 2013, this shows that Soros’ group also gave at least $50,000 to the National Lawyers Guild. However, as much as the media is playing up emotional stories, its not right for politics to be divorced from the legal maneuvers that are taking place.

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