By: Savannah Smith | 02-07-2017 | News
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Trump Asserts Polls Showing Him In A Bad Light Are Fake News

During the fiercely- fought presidential campaign, most of the mainstream polls and media-led surveys were almost unanimous in predicting that Democrat Hillary Clinton would win the election by a mile. Only then candidate Donald Trump and his supporters believed he would emerged victorious. And we all know how Trump indeed pulled off an amazing upset win.

Pundits and observers scrambled after the election result came out to explain why the polls got it wrong. In the end, the credibility of such polls was put into serious question. It's not difficult to understand now why President Trump is wary of current so-called polls saying he and his barely three-week old presidency are being unfavorably received by the American public.

President Trump said that any negative polls that show public disapproval for the job he's doing and his policies are fake news, highly similar with how fake mainstream media like CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election. Trump also asserted that people want border security and extreme vetting of foreigners coming in to the U.S.

There's truth to the President's claim, because most of mainstream media are underreporting or totally ignoring polls that show majority of Americans agreed with the Trump's executive order of a temporary travel ban for refugees and people coming from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Trump also expressed his displeasure with news report that suggested he might be delegating too much power to his underlings. A recent report by the publication Trump has consistently hit for being fake news, The New York Times, alleged that the President signed an executive order assigning top adviser Stephen Bannon on the National Security Council without fully reading it and indicating further that Trump was signing something "he did not understand". A low blow indeed, without credibly substantiating the accusations.

Of course, Trump is fighting back and gave the said newspaper a piece of his mind. The President argued that he calls his own shots. largely based on the accumulation of data. He said everyone knows that. It's just unfortunate, the President asserts that some fake news media, in order to marginalize him has to resort to huge lies.

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