By Kyle James   |  11-29-2017   News
Photo credit: Brittni Medina | Facebook

A woman in line at Disneyland sparked controversy when she decided to breastfeed her 10-month-old right in the open and a photo of the act went viral.

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The woman's name is Brittni Medina and she shared the picture on a Facebook page that is focused on breastfeeding moms. The post shows her standing in line to take a picture when her 10-month-old got hungry. She takes off her top and nurses him right on the spot and you can see angry bystanders pointing and crossing their arms.

Medina smiles for the camera as she feeds her son in the photo which she captioned with, "Well these ladies were so angry by it my husband just had to take a picture. Peep the haters." Comments on the post ranged from "You Go Girl" in support of the woman breastfeeding in public, others called her a "disgusting pig" for creating a negative image of the woman who breastfeeds 'more conscientiously'.

Media says she is thankful for the support, "I've got both negative and positive but the support has outweighed the negative. I'm so proud of all the moms losing the cover. The law fully supports us."

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Anonymous No. 12930 1511933603

She should at least cover it with breastfeeding scarf. It doesn't look nice, I know the baby must really be hungry, but her child didn't just born today to not be ready for this kind of situation. She just made something to get a negative and positive comments from people. SHE DID THIS TO HERSELF.

Anonymous No. 12931 1511938050

She wants attention.

Anonymous No. 12933 1511944460

Yeah she probably is enjoying all of the attention judging by her multiple paragraphs of updates to the post..

Anita Chariw No. 12955 1511965368

It is wonderful that a child can have breastfeeding available anywhere at anytime. The longer a child can breastfeed, the healthier his system will be. My generation was the first to promote back to nature elements to mothering. Good to see our kids have picked up the baton!

Anonymous No. 12958 1511966824

Flash Boob…☺

Brian Hunsinger No. 12969 1511973712

Who gives a shit about a baby being breastfed, its been going on for thousands of years. Only in the U.S. do we look at nudity as purely sexual when in reality it isn't. Keep on feeding moms!

Anonymous No. 12973 1511980605

I can't lie. Public breast feeding turns me on.

Anonymous No. 12991 1511998781

Breastfeeding in public is okay if the woman is at least reasonably attractive, 5/10 please. This woman is absolutely disgusting, she should be fined for this.

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