By: Kyle James | 11-29-2017 | News
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Uber Driver Returns Missing $700 To Passenger

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Rogelio Garcia and Ade Adeleye met by chance when Garcia requested an Uber and Adeleye was the driver. Adeleye picked up the Houston lawyer Monday morning and hours after dropping Garcia his client realized his money clip with $703 in it was missing.

"How would I with an open conscience tell the story," said Adeleye. A customer he picked up after found the wad of cash in the backseat and she told Adeleye who counted it and guessed it belonged to the man with the hat. "I remembered the hat," Adeleye said.

When Garcia realized he may have left it in the Uber he called Adeleye who was ready to return it. "As Ade answered the phone he says I’ve been waiting for you all day. I have your $700 and your really nice clip," said Garcia when he recounted what happened.

Garcia was so grateful he refused to leave without giving him a tip, "I said listen I need to give you $100. He didn't really want to take it and I wasn't going to let him leave without taking the $100."

Adeleye says being an Uber driver means this type of thing happens all the time and he said there was nothing to think about or decide. "If I can return something as little as $10 why wouldn't I return $700. It's not mine," Adeleye said. Uber should give this driver a raise.

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