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New 'Smart Condom' Collects Performance Data During Sex

MIAMI – New 'smart condom' collects performance data during sex.

In the very near future, the couple will not have to wait until the end of intercourse, asking "How was it for you?"

A new smart condom is about to enter the market. It collects performance data during sex and associates that information with the user.

The brand "i.Con" is under British Condoms. It allows people to see "stack up to other people around the world."

Waterproof i.Con also measures the calories burned during sex and "the speed of a man's thrusts." In addition, the condom can alert the user to the presence of sexually transmitted diseases.

All data is sent immediately to the user's smartphone. Men and/or his partner can quickly disseminate information to fully evaluate performance.

Wondering men need any extra pressure…? Maybe Yes..?

As an additional bonus, i.Con lights up while it is running.

But in a strange event, the user needs to wear a regular condom with i.Con to ensure full protection.

Currently available only in the UK, over 900,000 people are already inquiring about smart condoms.

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