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Trump was correct, Alicia Machado had SEX on The Farm

I just had a quick glance at Googles news page. The top headline reads, “Trump’s bad week is a ‘nightmare’ for the GOP” Washington Post.

Well, I am here to tell you Miss Piggy had sex on the farm. Donald Trump was absolutely correct when he said there was a sex tape of Alicia Machado former Miss Universe having sex.

In fact in the UK it was published in The Sun newspaper. I just finished reading the online edition. Low and behold there was Miss Piggy having sex, just like Donald Trump had said.

So, whether he called her Miss Piggy or not, Is immaterial and Hillary brought that up at the end of the debate without giving time to Trump to defend himself. I watched the former beauty queen’s sex episode, on her back and on top there she was clear as day. She was having sex with an unkempt poncho wearing Spaniard. There were even oinking sounds. I understand the Miss Piggy reference now. The man was making oinking sounds after which Ms. Machado insulted him by calling him ‘little’ in Spanish. Obviously a woman that would have sex on a show called the farm with an oinking man, deserves the moniker Miss Piggy.

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Anonymous No. 130 2016-10-01 : 16:24

cant stop laughing at those pig noises

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