By: Kaoru Moulton | 11-28-2017 | News
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Upstairs Neighbor Shoots 4-Year-Old Through Ceiling

HOUSTON, Texas – According to police, a 4-year-old was shot through the ceiling of family's apartment by the upstairs neighbor. The boy is recovering from a gunshot wound. His upstairs neighbor shot him through the floor on Black Friday.

Looking at their houses in the northwest of Houston, you can see the bullet holes that penetrated the ceiling and hit the floor.

"I just heard a BAM from inside the house. I got really scared and my kids started screaming," the mother said.

At that time she was dressing up and preparing to go shopping with her family for Black Friday. When the bullets were shot, the children were playing in the living room.

"I didn't realize something happened to his leg actually until I pulled down his pants and I saw there was a hole and I started crying and I called my husband, 'Hey, let's take him to the hospital!'"

The family carried the boy to a nearby hospital. The mother showed the wound that the bullet brought to the boy. There was a big deep wound on the right foot, and 14 stitches were necessary.

Nahum Flores, the second floor neighbor of the family, shot a rifle through the floor. According to the police, Flores says he mistakenly fired.

"I heard a gunshot from around the corner so I ran that way because my kids had just gone to that corner," said Theresa, a neighbor who heard the shot and called 911.

According to Theresa, the boys' father was furious and exchanged some words with Flores after the firing.

"The guy downstairs come outside and starts yelling at the neighbors upstairs, 'You shot my kid, you shot my kid!'"

Flores is being charged with attacking with a deadly weapon, already has been released on bail.

The boy is home. According to the mother, the boy is afraid to be hurt again. Both families still live just a floor apart.

The bullet holes remain. The family wants to move, so the kids will feel safer.

"I can forgive him," says the mother of the neighbor. "But, won't forget it. It's something that will be on my mind. Every time I see the scar on my child's leg, all the memories will return."


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