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DHL To Continue North Korea Delivery Operations In 2018

The person in charge of DHL said as follows. The actual operation is handled by the Chinese office. The main deliveries are addressed to diplomats.

DHL Express, a German logistics company, will continue to deliver cargo in North Korea, a spokesperson at the Korean branch of the company said.

International sanctions are becoming increasingly tightened in this country.

In the guidance announced on 13th November, North Korea was included as one of its destinations and the delivery fee and rules on items that can not be sent to North Korea were presented.

DHL is a subsidiary of Deutsche Post, one of the world’s largest postal service and international courier services.

A DHL Korean spokeswoman said that its operations will comply with international sanctions.

Each DHL regional office complies with the local law and said DHL Korea will ship to North Korea in consultation with the Korean unification ministry.

DHL China is in charge of the operation within North Korea. According to DHL's website, the company operates service points to pick up packages at Central Railway Station (Songrli Street) in Pyongyang.

Resolution 2375, which passed the United Nations on 11th September, prohibits the operation of joint ventures in North Korea "unless it has been approved by the committee on a case-by-case basis".

The new regulation makes it difficult for foreign companies to develop their business domestically, even though they work through local partners as in the case of travel agencies.

The company's Chinese division confirmed that the company continues to operate its office in Pyongyang, but it still not sure whether the company will continue to hire North Korean employees.

According to the website of DHL Express USA, you can arrange the delivery of cargo from North Korea. Also, if the sender is responsible for the cost, it is said that "it can be imported from North Korea".

Antiques, asbestos, dangerous goods, fur, ivory, pornography, precious metals, stones etc cannot be imported into North Korea.


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