By: Savannah Smith | 11-28-2017 | News
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10-Year-Old Girl Crashes Truck Into Home Because She Wants to “Kill People”

Authorities said that a 10-year-old girl in Louisville, Kentucky got behind the wheel of a pickup truck and crashed it into a home. Even worse than the deliberate crime was the attitude of the child as she allegedly told police officers who arrived at the scene that, “I wanted to kill people.”

Five children were sitting in the living room at the time of the crash and the father of the family believes that a piece of furniture may have saved the children’s lives as it took the brunt of the crash’s force.

Joshu Pate has just returned home from work Friday afternoon when the truck struck his home. He told the local news: “The loveseat slid around and made a kind of like a barrier.The back of it is kind of high, and I think the kids just slid with the loveseat.”

It is not clear how the young girl got the keys to the truck and how she managed to drive it away without an adult knowing what she was up to.

The girl was uninjured following the crash.

Pate heard the girl talking to the police at the scene of the incident and he admitted being shocked with what he heard. Pate said the officer was in disbelief as well. He added: “He was like, “Excuse me?” and she said: ‘I wanted to kill people.”

Before crashing the truck to Pate’s home, she also collided with driver Kristina Bryan. Bryan’s vehicle was hit so hard that it spun several times resulting into gashes in the pavement and Bryan’s vehicle totaled.

Bryan is also wondering how the girl got keys to the truck and where her parents are. The authorities have no answers for now and they are continuing the investigation.

What is certain is that the crash has caused tremendous damage and hassle to Pate’s family. They are just renting the damaged home, and they’ll be forced to live elsewhere for at least a month while the house is being repaired. Pate said he has forgiven the girl, but he is also waiting to hear from her family. He said he is just expecting an apology from the family.

Both Pate and Bryan said they are planning to take legal action against the girl’s parents.


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Anonymous No. 12850 2017-11-28 : 10:02

Wondering if her babysitter was a TV and a Video Game?

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