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After Serving Twenty Years In Prison "Evil Twin" Was Released On Parole

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Irvine, CA – A woman who was called to the police as an "Evil Twin" who planned to kill twin sisters in Irvine, CA in 1996 was paroled after serving prison for about 20 years.

This incident became an international topic and shook the Korean-American community. Jeen "Gina" Han tried to kill her sister, Sunny Han, in May 1998. Jeen was sentenced to imprisonment for 26 years.

Gina Han is at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, according to state records.

In a letter on Monday, the Orange County Lawyers Office said that Gina Han could not afford to overcome her psychiatric disorder and is still at risk of society. The lawyer office has appealed to the governor to refuse the decision of the board.

“At the parole hearing, Gina Han at first blush appeared to have attempted introspection; however, she is very intelligent and still manipulative,” Deputy District Attorney Nikki Chambers wrote in the letter to Brown.

According to the prosecution, she has many correspondence partners abroad and the whole country. They offer her money, work, and accommodation. One of them is from England who offered 100,000 dollars.

“This manipulative ability is not surprising, given her extreme intelligence coupled with an untreated personality disorder,” Chambers wrote. “The fact remains that she is still flexing the manipulation muscles that she used when she recruited two young men to murder her sister, and they appear to be as keen as they were in 1996.”

The twins were born in Korea and they were very close to each other, but sometimes they fought a fierce fight. After the accusation of her sister that Sunny Han stole her BMW, their relationship got worse.

Prosecutors said Gina Han wanted her sister dead and enlisted help from two teenage boys, Archie Bryant (then 16) and John Sayarath (then 15) to carry out the attack.

When Gina was waiting outside the car, two teenagers broke into the Sunny's apartment. They bound Sunny's roommate. Sunny heard the noise and could immediately call 911 from the bathroom before the boys detained her.

Following the trial, Gina Han and a teenager were convicted of a conspiracy committing murder and other crimes.

Bryant was sentenced to 16 years in prison, while Sayarath was sentenced to eight years, pending a review to determine if he would benefit by serving time in the California Youth Authority.

Prosecutors said Gina Han, in the parole hearing, “admitted to wanting to murder her sister, admitted to being the one who planned it, and directed the young men on how to accomplish her desire.”

The forensic psychologist of the report for parole release says: Gina Han has a successful disciplinary history and educational outcomes. However, due to her "borderline personality disorder", she never participates in mental health treatment.

In this trial, Korean Americans and Koreans gathered to support Gina Han and created thousands of signatures to seek tolerance in the courts.

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Anonymous No. 12852 2017-11-28 : 10:07

Sounds like a Female Korean Charles Manson?

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