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American Teen Who's Death Was Ruled A Suicide Was Raped And Beaten

When sixteen-year-old Alex Villamayor died two and a half years ago during a visit to a friend's ranch in Encarnacion, Paraguay his death was ruled a suicide. Now, prosecutors are treating the case as a rape and murder based on phone logs, crime scene photos, and interviews with suspects.

Alex's father, former Paraguayan congressman Luis Villamayor, last spoke to his son when he called to report he and his friends were drinking mushroom tea on the ranch property when the phone call cut out. It would be the last he ever heard from his son.

His death was initially ruled as a suicide but new evidence has compelled prosecutors to now treat the case as a murder. The photos of the crime scene show Alex shot on the right side of his head but the gun was found in his left hand. No signs of gunshot residue were found on his body either.

On top of those discrepancies, family members say the clothes he was found in were not his own. His body was also discovered to be covered in bruises by medical examiners, including his genitals. Semen was also found in his anus according to the families lawyer, Pablo Fernandez.

The ranch owner says they woke up at 6 am to find Alex dead despite phone records showing calls went out to the boy's father at least 50 times starting at 3 am. Paraguayan news reported that Mathias Wilbs, a ranch hand, admitted to moving the boy's body and putting a gun in his hands and that he did so to protect the ranch owner, Rene.

Both Rene and Wilbs are in prison on charges of premeditated murder but they have not yet gone to trial. Kim Luk is the aunt of the victim and has been lobbying to change American laws to require the FBI to become involved when a US citizen is killed in a foreign nation.

Kim Luk told the Daily Beast, "More people have to understand what happens to you when you travel overseas. We’re in an administration right now that is seeking Americans first. This is a perfect time for us to change laws."

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