By: Savannah Smith | 02-06-2017 | News
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Marine Le Pen Influenced By Trump Vows To Put France First

Inspired by the leadership and vision of President Donald Trump, far right French leader Marine Le Pen vows to put France First as she gave a fiery speech in Lyon where she launched her presidential bid.

Following Trump's strong commitment to an America First policy, Le Pen of the National Front emphasized that under her leadership, she would ensure that France's national interests would take precedence above all else.

Le Pen told the cheering crowd that under her presidency, they would be all about the local, not the global. She also took the time to criticize globalization, not just that of the financial world but also "a globalization from below" through mass immigration.

Le Pen also promised to be tough in fighting crime with zero tolerance as she underscored that she does not want the French people to live under the yoke or of the threat of Islamic terrorism. There is a growing sentiment for anti-immigrant in France following the country's painful experiences with terrorist attacks the past recent years starting with a massacre in Paris on November 13, 2015 that claimed 130 lives.

The National Front leader also scored the European Union, threatening to hold a referendum similar to the one Britain did that paved the way for its exit from the union. She said that she will give the French people the chance to resign from the "nightmare of EU."

Le Pen also unveiled her party program during her speech including measures for the reintroduction of border patrols, strict limits on immigration, a return to the country's pre-euro franc currency, and the prospect of leaving NATO. The party manifesto was also very particular about tough security measures in fighting terrorism including the possibility of stripping binational offenders linked to terrorist networks of their French citizenship.

Le Pen had previously expressed her support for Trump saying he was already implementing her vision of leadership and plans for her own country. She also shared her wishes to pull off a similar upset victory that Trump achieved and the shock win of the Brexit, saying that her own triumph in the French presidential elections would complete the political change and new order sweeping the world today.

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