By Kyle James   |  11-27-2017   News
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Police in Corpus Christi, Texas says an armed robber attempted to make off with some cash from a Little Ceasars and ended up leaving with a pizza.

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The man wore a mask and walked into the Little Ceasars on Airline Road just before 9:00 p.m. Sunday night and asked for all the money in the register. Investigators said the weapon he brandished was a knife, but the manager wasn't threatened and told the would-be robber no.

The robber then tried asking for a pizza after being denied the contents of the register. He got one, a Little Ceasars hot and ready sold at most locations for $5. The manager saved the restaurant perhaps a few hundred or more that was in the register and instead they are only out a pizza.

The manager could have been seriously injured or killed for refusing service and the company might need to take a look at their policy towards robbery or they are going to end up with a dead employee over a few hundred bucks when a crazy person tries to rob it.

Luckily for the manager, the robber was polite as criminals go. The suspect fled on foot and has yet to be caught but authorities ask anyone with knowledge of the robbery to call Crimestoppers at 361-888-TIPS.

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Anonymous No. 12825 1511835036

pizza is life bruh!

Anonymous No. 12828 1511839712

Robber: "Give me all your money."

Manager: "Have a pizza, you get robby when you're hungry."

Manager: "Better?"

Robber: "Better."

Anonymous No. 12861 1511866016

Sounds like Snickers commercial ☺

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