By: Lawrence Synder | 02-06-2017 | News
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The New York Times’ History of Lying Against Trump and Other Matters Uncovered

Ever since Donald Trump decided to join the Republican Party to run for president, he has become the target of news agencies backed by liberals and Democrats, particularly the New York Times. However, after almost every anti-Trump report that NYT releases, this is followed by a retraction.

During the presidential campaign when Trump began to gain the advantage over Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, the NYT jumped on the bandwagon with a barrage of reports alleging his harassment on women and dubious business dealings. However, like the other countless reports made against Trump, these didn’t materialize primarily because they were baseless to begin with.

For instance, during a congressional meeting after winning the election, the NYT claimed that Trump said if not for the millions of votes casted by non-citizens, he would have won the popular vote. In its report, the NYT referred to this statement as a lie since it insinuated that the Obama administration allowed illegal immigrants to vote for Clinton in an attempt to tip the election in the favor of the Democrats.

However, a few days later, the NYT admitted that it had exaggerated its report and headline, explaining that it had decided to use “muscular terminology” when it called the statement a lie. Of course, this explanation was meant to cover up the fact that the news agency’s report was baseless, Zero Hedge reported.

But aside from centering on Trump, the NYT also has a rich history of fabricating headlines and articles to gain viewership. For instance, during the months leading up to the Iraq war, the NYT released numerous breaking news based on leaked facts.

However, as pointed out by various media analysts and security experts, many of these facts were fake and were released by Iraqi defectors and fabricators.

After the war, the NYT admitted that its reports were greatly exaggerated. It then passed the blame to its reporters by saying that they should have been more skeptical regarding the leaked information that they obtained.

Given NYT’s history of lying, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the news agency uses fear-mongering and exaggerated headlines when releasing reports. As noted by Michael Wolff of USA Today and the Hollywood Reporter, the NYT often relies on propaganda and dubious tactics to gain the attention of readers.

“The New York Times front page looks like it’s 1938 in Germany every day,” he said according to The Hill.

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