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Virginia Elections Official Claims Voter Fraud in State's Results

Well, imagine my shock. A Virginia Elections official is worried that there is a multitude of illegal votes within at least two counties inside of the state in the election earlier this month when Democrats swept the state.

This elections official had better get himself a bodyguard because strange accidents have a way of occurring for anyone who stands up to the Democratic crime involving elections scandals.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">This is Beranton J. Whisenant Jr<br>He was a Federal Prosecutor working on <a href="">@DNC</a> Voter Fraud case in FL<br>He was found dead yesterday<a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#SethRich</a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Red Pill 🇷🅿️🇬 (@IWillRedPillYou) <a href="">May 27, 2017</a></blockquote>

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Most know this as we've seen in Florida after the 2016 election of President Donald Trump where Beranton J. Whisenant Jr. was a Federal Prosecutor working on a DNC Voter Fraud case went missing and was found dead for bringing up illegal votes for Hillary Clinton.

Virginia’s State Board of Elections is now preparing to certify the House of Delegates results on Monday, but new reports that the Department of Elections has serious questions over saying that an expert said it is possible that not all the serious problems, which appear to date back years, have been exposed yet.

<a href="">WTOP </a> first reported on Friday that at least 147 people in Stafford County and Fredericksburg voted in the wrong race on November 7th, a Department of Elections investigation has confirmed so far.

During the court hearing just last week, the state disclosed that a total of at least 384 registered voters were assigned to the wrong House district to vote, a complete shock to the results.

The new details of the investigation also showed that the issues confirmed during this limited investigation include voters tied to the 28th, 88th, and now the 2nd House Districts inside of Virginia.

The Department of Elections disclosed last week that at least 384 registered voters in the Fredericksburg area were either misassigned one way or the other between the 28th House District and the 88th.

The 28th District race is separated by just 82 votes and could determine which party controls the House of Delegates.

This is a major scandal, one that could define the results of the race.

The Republican Party must immediately send attorneys to the state of Virginia and demand that these results be clarified and that voting as well as registration records be handed over to a third party to examine these results.

Michael McDonald, who's an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Florida and a former George Mason University Professor said, “I continue to look at this ‘at least’ number, so something really went wrong in House District 28 and the adjoining district, and when I look back at the election results I suspect that whatever was happening there was not isolated to the 2017 election.”

The Department of Elections has yet to have audited the information entered into the state voter registration database by local elections officials, due to the fact they've just recently shifted to using modern mapping technology on a limited basis in certain areas just last year.

The current state investigation which has been ongoing over the last two weeks has focused only on the Fredericksburg area, where the 28th District race is separated by just 82 votes and could determine which party controls the House of Delegates.

Republican Bob Thomas leads the 28th District race in Stafford and Fredericksburg by just 82 votes.

Lawyers for the Board of Elections said during a court hearing last week that the board has no choice under state law but to certify Monday despite “clear information that there were irregularities.”

“They will, I suspect, have some significant heartburn about that, but the code does not give them the authority to do anything else,” Assistant Attorney General Anna Birkenheier said.

The State Board of Elections were originally scheduled to certify the results last Monday but delayed the action to allow for further investigation into the misassigned voters.

This scandal is rocking the state and the mainstream media is absolutely silent (again, imagine my shock) about the potential fraud.

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Anonymous No. 12802 2017-11-27 : 19:29

good find, bb!

Anonymous No. 12859 2017-11-28 : 10:40

I seem to remember the Trump calling for a nationwide Voter Integrity audit and many Left leaning states refusing.

No wonder the Liberal-Socialists Democrats want to create a Fake Russian issue. Because as we peel this political onion back layer by layer, all we find are Liberal controlled voter fraud issues.

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