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Pence Calls On American Voters to Choose Change

Amidst criticisms by the camp of Republican nominee Donald Trump of media bias, with some mainstream papers campaigning against their presidential aspirant, Trump's running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence came out strong in defense of Trump, saying Trump is the change America badly needs now.

In a passionate opinion piece written for USA Today, VP aspirant underscores that the coming elections will be a battle between two choices: more-of-the-same status quo the American people have grown tired of- and which Hillary Clinton represents-, and on the other direction, the courage to bring change and make America great again which Donald Trump stands for. And for Pence, the choice should be easy.

Trump's running mate also calls him an action man, as opposed to the " talkers" US voters have become wary of. The VP nominee also drew comparisons between Trump, and one of the most-loved presidents of the US, Ronald Reagan, as both boldly spoke the " truth" in their respective times- Reagan in 1980 and Trump today.

The Republican VP nominee also recalled how Reagan was once dismissed by political observers as not a serious candidate

but merely a " cowboy" or celebrity politician who burst into the political arena late in his life, as much as what Trump critics are throwing at him now.

Pence described Trump as " thoughtful, compassionate and steady" whose visions for change are being well-received by

the public wherever they go, where a " movement" for change is building.

Pence also reiterated in his piece Trump's vision to "improve America's standing at home and abroad" through

specific measures as military rebuilding, crashing radical Islamic terrors and to reverse the onerous deals the current

administration went into that only succeeded in jeopardizing the country's security, as well as that of its allies.

Trump's political ally likewise underscored the reforms the American people are hungry for which Trump vows to fulfill

should he occupy Washington including the need to revive the US economy; cut taxes for all citizens and put a stop to the

bad, new federal regulations; renegotiate and revise trade deals so they become more beneficial to American workers; stop the battle against coal while developing new energy sources for the US; greater access and choices for the education of disadvantaged kids; and a repeal of the infamous Obamacare and instead truly make healthcare affordable and accessible to all; and lastly give better and more principled direction to the Supreme Court by appointing men and women of integrity who will abide by the ideals of the Constitution.

On the other hand, according to Pence, should Clinton become the next US President, this would mean higher taxes

for the people, more unwelcome and disadvantageous regulations for business, greater exodus of US jobs abroad, driving of coal miners out of business, and over-all basically ensure the US economy will remain as pathetically sluggish as it is now.

Pence ended his piece by appealing to Americans to choose change when they vote for the 45th president of the US.

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