By: Steve Dellar | 11-27-2017 | News
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Franklinton, NC: Son Charged With Killing 83-Year-Old Father

The small town of Franklinton, North Carolina, was shocked to hear of the alleged murder of a father by his own son.

42-year-old Mr John Lawrence Morgan walked over calmly to the local police station on Sunday and at first declared that he had found his father dead inside the home they both shared at 119 North Main Street around 3 pm that day

But later that same day, based on the evidence found on the scene, investigators arrested him on a charge of first-degree murder, having found his 83-year-old father Mr Richard Morgan with multiple stab wounds. It would furthermore appear there had already been a long history of domestic violence issues and multiple 911 calls between the father and son.

Shocked neighbors declared that the street is typically quiet.

Ms Thea Holland, who lives down the street of the Morgans, stated that the two were always friendly in the past and that therefore this is now so shocking.

She said: “We were so eager to see what happened and we were just watching and watching but it just stayed so idle for so long and so many police officers just talking and you obviously know something heartbreaking happened when you see a group of family members all hugging and crying.”

Mr John Morgan is scheduled to appear in court today.

Patricide, the killing of one’s father, is nothing new in fact. It was present already in Greek culture and is spread amongst all cultures and religions.


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