By: Steve Dellar | 11-27-2017 | News
Photo credit: Facebook Ebony Foley

Fake Tan Disaster Turns Woman Black

A 20-year-old girl from Bury, UK, who uses fake tan regularly, tried the St Moriz Darker Than Dark for the first time, with astonishing effect.

Miss Ebony Foley posted pictures online stating that her face turned brown and she had to stay inside for about a whole week afterward.

She explained that she switched from her usual lotion because the shop (Boots, a major beauty chain in the UK) where she buys fake tan had run out of her usual product. According to Miss Foley, she had told the shop assistant that she wanted a 'nice and brown' color.

But the product instead turned her face black and left her too embarrassed to leave her house for a week.

Miss Foley: “My body looked fine but my face turned black instantly. It was well funny. My boyfriend Dean was literally scraping it off my face with the hard bit of a sponge. It was coming off like dirt.”

“I use false tan all the time, but this has never happened before. I get spray tans all the time but I thought I would do this one myself. It was funny, people were saying I changed race for a couple of hours. Everybody at work was laughing their heads off. People at work were saying it was so funny as my name is Ebony.”

Fake tan is indeed quite popular with UK girls in the Manchester and Liverpool areas, and a lot of mishaps have been reported in the British press before, but this would be the first case of total ‘blackface’ if Miss Ebony’s reports are accurate.

“I was supposed to be going out with the girls for cocktails in Manchester on Saturday but am not bothering now. My arms are still black.”


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Anonymous No. 12779 2017-11-27 : 14:57

what a nice transition !!!

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