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Sex Sex Sex: Queens Teacher Uses Taxpayer Dollars To "Sugar Daddy" Students

A high school teacher in Queens, New York is accused of defrauding taxpayers to fund his pedophilia exploits with teenage students. Martin Howfield, 56, used tax funds to buy sex from juvenile girls, buy them gifts, cash and hold a nonexistent job over their heads.

Howfield was teaching Spanish at North Queens Community High School at the time he was preying on the young girls. The predatory teacher's plot was exposed by The Special Commissioner of Investigation after hearing conversation last year between the teacher and a student.

Howfield is also a licensed attorney and gave a female teen student a paid internship through a "Learning to Work" program paid for by the city Department of Education. While the student hasn't been identified, it is known she admitted to never doing any work for the Department of Education program which approved the internship.

The predatory pedophile even asked a teen student if he could be her "sugar daddy" after explaining to the girl what the term meant. Howfield offered the female student $300 a month and she asked what she would have to do for the money. She offered him sex but he opted for nude photos of her vagina, breasts, and buttocks.

The female student in question told investigators that Howfield paid for her $150 Jordan sneakers at a Kids Foot Locker on a shopping trip and another pair of $190 Jordan sneakers on a separate occasion. He even eventually bought her 5 panties for $27 at Victoria's Secret.

At first, the female student told investigators that Howfield had only groped her under her clothing but later admitted she had intercourse and oral sex with him after shopping. She also said he would give her $20 and call her a cab afterward.

The girl also said during phone sex with Howfield, he claimed to be watching child porn and told her he "wanted to ejaculate on her baby's face." He was supposed to pay her for the phone sex but never did but investigators found no porn on Howfield's DOE computer.

Howfield has since left his $85,793-a-year teaching job after the investigators completed their probe in November of 2016 and refused to comment on the allegations.

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Anonymous No. 12728 2017-11-26 : 21:24

This guy should never be allowed to be around minors ever again

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