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Photo credit: Palm Beach County Sheriff

In Lake Worth, Florida, authorities are investigating an attack with a weapon that fits in with medieval tales if barbarism.

According to Palm Beach Sheriff's spokeswoman Teri Barbera, they've arrested 51-year-old George C. Livingston, who is being held without any bond on a second-degree murder charge.

The crime in which Livingston is accused of however, is far more horrific than most Sheriff's Deputies have ever witnessed.

Saturday afternoon investigators were dispatched to a scene near the railroad tracks in Lake Worth, with reports of a trail of blood spreading hundreds of feet, and a corpse that apparently had been mutilated.

Close to the scene of the homicide, Sheriff's Detectives found what appeared to be a three-foot sword, used as the murder weapon.

Barbera says that Deputies interviewed several witnesses who described seeing Livingston violently slashing the victim with the sword “as if it were a scene from Braveheart,” which quickly led investigators to find and detain Livingston for the crime.

The booking report for Livingston described the charge as "murder dangerous depraved without premeditation."

“Detectives arrived, interviews were conducted with witnesses and a person of interest that had been detained by the responding deputies,” Barbera said in a<a href=""> press release</a>. “Probable cause was developed and George C. Livingston was arrested for 2nd Degree Murder.”

Livingston is currently detained in the Palm Beach County Jail, and the identity of the victim has yet to be released.

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Anonymous No. 12721 1511715581

that face tattoo tough

Anonymous No. 12730 1511735251

oy vey we need commonsense sword control

Anonymous No. 12762 1511784013

Given the recent number of Face Tat Murderers.

Any one wearing a Face Tat should be hauled in and mentally evaluated for 90 days. ☺

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