By: Kyle James | 11-26-2017 | News
Photo credit: Sion Sono | Antiporno

Cult Japanese Director Sion Sono Releases Artistic Sex And Repression Film

The latest film from Cult classic director Sion Sono is a frantic film called Antiporno. Despite being a bit shallow at times, that film manages to dance around topics of sex and repression. Prolific Japanese director Sion Sono is known as a "pro-porno" film-maker yet his latest film is full of sex and repression, sensuality and hypocrisy, reality and fantasy, and porn, porn, porn!

The somewhat cartoony film has a unique mixture of satire and surrealism mixing the pair in a way that explores ideas about how porn is a theater of unhappiness. The film also shows how sex can cauterize painful emotions in its artistic portrayal of a young and beautiful artist and novelist named Kyoko played by Ami Tomite.

Kyoko lives a life of glorious sexual abandon often parading naked around her apartment before eventually humiliating her personal assistant. From there on the film is filled with sex and retribution as Kyoko gets a taste of her own medicine and is humiliated the way she humiliated her assistant.

The film scatters dreamlike memories that reveal her teen loathing for her father and stepmother who's sex life is constantly disgusting their daughter. Another aspect of Kyoko is that she is still a virgin and she is highly affected by the death of her talented sister, although the film doesn't address how exactly she died.

The overall verdict is the film is worth watching for fans of Sion Sono or Japanese culture films in general. Antiporno brings a unique energy but misses the mark at times by being overly shallow and skipping over important backstory.

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