By: Kyle James | 11-26-2017 | News
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Watch A Four-Year-Old Boy Weave Through Traffic At 60 Mph On Busy Moscow Highway

Some highly unnerving footage was shared on social media by a Moscow father named Islam who is originally from Dagestan that shows a four-year-old boy behind the wheel of a Mercedes Benz SUV zipping around traffic at 60 mph on a busy Moscow highway.

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The child remains unidentified but needless to say he is not nearly old enough to drive and the video shows the highly dangerous, illegal stunt. In the video, the boy speeds past a truck and a tanker before trying to overtake the fast lane when it wasn't clear. Thankfully there were no reports of an accident.

The boy is sitting on the lap of his apparent aunt, a glamorous woman named Ariana who takes the steering wheel with one hand, but other times she allows the child to drive unaided on the crowded highway.

The video was filmed by the 27-year-old father from the back seat of the SUV. He even boasts of his son's driving skills saying, "Look, bro, driving a Gelendwagen."

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When confronted with criticism from the Moscow media, the woman responds saying such stunts as a four-year-old driving on a highway are perfectly normal. Ariana was quoted as saying, "I do not see anything bad. Everyone did this on their parent's laps in their childhood."

The video also gained notoriety by being posted on Majorka, an online community that solely focuses on 'rich kids' who break the law and perform crazy stunts.

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Fast And the furious kids edition!

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his moms a thot

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his moms hot


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