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Donald Trump and considered doing business in Cuba

Hillary Clinton brings up past business explorations of Donald Trump from 1998. At that time. Trump looked into doing business in Cuba. He did not do business in Cuba. He just looked into the possibility of it. This is normal research for any company. Looking for new markets, and new places to expand, increase market share, and increase shareholder wealth. It is difficult to do business in Cuba, and in 1998, it was almost impossible for Americans. This research was scrapped, and a very small consulting fee of $68,000 was paid to a firm called Seven Arrows

according to Newsweek magazine.

Since Hillary Clinton seems ok with bringing up the past. I guess delving into the year 1998 for her family is fair game.

On December 19, 1998 Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives. Two articles of impeachment were filed against him.

Lying under oath to a federal grand jury, and obstruction of justice.

He had been caught lying. Basically he had an affair with a Whitehouse intern by the name of Monica Lewinsky. One of Monica’s friends secretly recorded her confiding about the relationship, one thing led to another, and finally the President ended up at a grand jury at which time he lied about the relationship.

The cost to the country for this tryst was 6.2 million dollars in investigative costs by Ken Starr.

With a total cost for the investigation by Congress of approximately $70 million dollars.

So, Hillary Clinton is complaining about $68,000 spent by Donald Trump’s company in 1998. Paid to a consulting firm, just to see if it was feasible for his company to do business in Cuba.

Meanwhile the United States was paying $70 million to investigate her husband’s illicit behavior in the Oval office of the White house.

Even though, Hillary Clinton’s husband, the former president of the United States Bill Clinton was later found not guilty of both articles of impeachment by the senate. He admitted to having the affair with his paramour Monica Lewinsky, and apologized to the American people.

Saying he was profoundly sorry for the burden his behavior imposed on Congress and the American people. That was a $70-million-dollar burden.

By electing Hillary Clinton President. We will be letting back into the White house the most scandalous Democrat President of the 20th century. Consider the potential embarrassments to the American people that will happen over the next four years. I suppose we will hear all about the latest sexual exploits of our former president as his wife and him take center stage on the American political scene for the next four years.

For this reason, I must and will endorse Donald J. Trump, the Republican candidate for President of the United States. Sure, he has been divorced in the past. His former wives, are famous in their own right, and the lack of scandal, even with a divorce in America means that Donald Trump, has a decent private life. In his many years in the public eye, the worst thing I can think of coming out of his mouth was from his TV show, when he said “You're Fired!”

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