By: Steve Dellar | 11-26-2017 | News
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Russian Link To Brexit Ministers Revealed

Now that it turns out Brexit is spelling disaster for the UK, (it has just fallen out of the top 5 world, economies, is being held hostage by the EU for further negotiations and has seen the value of the pound drop some 30% since the vote), the hunt is on for a fall guy, or a culpable party if you will.

The British press seems to have found one in the form of a Russian think tank with ties to the Kremlin that apparently has written a letter read out by Prime Minister Theresa May earlier this year where she promised to follow the wishes of the so-called ‘Brexiteers’ of her government, those that want a ‘hard Brexit’ ( a total break with the EU and full control of immigration ) rather that those that want a ‘soft Brexit’ (remained access to the EU single market and allowance of EU immigrants into the EU).

The hard Brexit ministers In the Therese May government are Mr. Boris Johnson, her Secretary of State who some say is eyeing for the position of Prime Minister himself, and Mr. Michael Gove, Minister for Environmental Affairs.

The Mail On Sunday has now run an explosive piece which seems to prove the link between the Legatum Institute, a think tank that also helped President Vladimir Putin’s associates to take control of Russia’s state energy giant Gazprom, and those two pro-Brexit ministers.

One leading Member of Parliament has now called an investigation by Parliament’s intelligence and security committee into the said Legatum Institute and its influence on the Government.

Johnson and Gove’s Legatum-backed letter which was read out to Parliament by Prime Minister May made three specific key demands: to force Chancellor Philip Hammond to plan for a ‘hard Brexit’; to make sure the UK would withdraw from the EU and also scrapping all rules and regulations; and to appoint a new ‘Brexit Tsar’ within Whitehall.


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Anonymous No. 12702 2017-11-26 : 11:01

The Russians, always the Russians…

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