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Ontario College Offers Classes On Marijuana Business

With the commercialization of Marijuana looming as from next year, one Canadian college has been early to recognize the potential job market opening and is, therefore, offering college classes to help you start your own business of ‘marijuana growing.’

The academic title is the “Commercial Cannabis Production” class. This graduate certificate program is offered by Niagara College in Ontario.

And it comes highly praised. The Commercial Cannabis Production has already been approved by the Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.

Niagara College President Dan Patterson reflected: “The Commercial Cannabis Production program reflects the College’s mandate to develop responsively applied learning programs that address industry needs.”

Students will learn the “biology and cultural practices of cannabis production,” course titles are “Cannabis Production Science I,” “Biology and Evolution of Cannabis,” and “Introduction to Analysis of Cannabis.”

In all the program adheres to the many regulations set out by Health Canada, so that graduates will have the necessary skillset to become a licensed producer. Not sure if mommy and daddy will be happy when you tell them your choice of degree, but that’s another matter altogether.

Ms. Sarah Medel, who works as a nurse, was able to follow a two-day weekend course of the college so she can offer patients looking for info on medical marijuana some info: "Patients are looking for information from reputable sources for medical cannabis treatments. They want to know how to gain access, sit down with health care providers and integrate it into treatment plans."

Financial planner Mr. Timothy Kellar also attended as he expects some of his clients would be looking to invest in cannabis companies (in fact, he already has one who's interested): "I may have other clients who would probably ask, 'Will this be of help for me versus the drugs?' It's an alternative, so why not discuss it?"

Consultancy firm Deloitte published a report last month stating that, according to their industry estimates, legalizing the recreational use of marijuana would mean the launch of a new $22.6 billion industry in Canada.


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Anonymous No. 12693 2017-11-26 : 09:34

College? This should be an evening course for adults wanting to make some extra cash.

KIND Budz No. 12725 2017-11-26 : 18:45

Something im already doing, and um you cant just own a weed business, you need lots of captial, the appropriate staff. The best you can do is learn the art, and schools are going to over charge for that.

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