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White House Investigates Leaks On Trump Phone Calls To Mexico, Australia

In a statement made on Fox News Channel by White House spokesman Sean Spicer, the White House is looking into how the embarrassing details of President Donald Trump’s recent phone conversations with his counterparts in Mexico and Australia were leaked to the media outlets.

Sean Spicer held an interview with Fox News Channel on Friday, in which he provided a transcript of a segment that was set to air on Saturday, Spicer said that the President takes these leaks very seriously.

President Donald Trump cut short a phone call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after the held a very spiteful discussion concerning refugee swap deal. The conversation threatened the ties between the two allies after details emerged in the Washington Post.

President Enrique Pena Nieto also held a call with Trump on Mexico paying for a wall on the southern border with U.S. Trump made it clear that he might send the U.S. military to Mexico to stop the drug cartels. The details were retrieved from a transcript that was obtained by a Mexica news organization Aristegui Noticias and the Associated Press. However, White House made a comment later adding that the comments were meant to be lighthearted.

Spicer emphasized that the leaks were troubling and that the President has asked the team to look into the matter due to its serious implications.

The White House spokesman described the conversations as candid but respectful, adding that both the Mexican and Australian governments have disputed some of the details.

The White House officials were asked for comments on the investigation into the controversial leaks, but they did not respond.

Speaking at a prayer breakfast, Trump told politicians and faith leaders that he was having difficult conversations with world leaders as he worked to overhaul immigration rules, he also added that when they hear about his tough phone calls, they should not worry about it.

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