By: Steve Dellar | 11-25-2017 | News
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Mother Wakes Up From Coma ‘Thinking She’s 13’

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In the quite entertaining romantic comedy ’13 going on 30’, a young Jennifer Garner wakes up one morning to find she went to bed aged 13 and wakes up 30 years old, with a boyfriend and a job.

And, of course, a decade before that there was one of the breakthrough films for Tom Hanks called ‘Big’, which rests on the same premise.

A similar situation, but then in reverse, has now taken place in the UK where a 22-year old mother who was put in a medical induced coma when complications arose over the birth of her child, woke up from that said coma two weeks later, thinking she is 13 years old and no memory of who her spouse is or her children are.

After she had suffered no less than four miscarriages, Ms Everett was delighted to find out she was pregnant and her first child, 3-year-old daughter Mika would soon get a sister or brother to play with.

But complications arose during labour, and the young mother suffered a rare amniotic fluid embolism plunging her into cardiac arrest. Doctors were able to bring her back from the brink of death after 68 minutes (by then her new-born baby boy Nico was born using forceps.) and then put her in a medical coma to allow her body to recover.

But when she was woken two weeks later, her family noticed that part of her memory was severely affected, and she was under the impression of only being 13 years old.

Her mother Ms Nicola Everett stated: "We went to the hospital that day in September expecting to come home with a new baby, but it's like we have another child, too, because Shannon needs a lot of care."

"She kept calling me 'mammy' and when we asked her where she lived, she gave us the address for a house we'd lived in when she was 13.

"She had no idea who her fiancé was and didn't believe us when we told her she had two kids. It was like she'd forgotten her whole life and thought she was a teenager again."


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