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Photo credit: Coquitlam RCMP

Woman Survives Wilderness Thanks To Three Dogs

A 56-year-old Canadian woman was walking her dogs Monday in the woods of British Columbia when she was injured from a fall and lost her phone along the way. Annette Poitras survived two days in the woods until being rescued Wednesday afternoon by Coquitlam search and rescue and her husband says it was the three dogs who helped her survive.

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Marcel Poitras explained to press how his wife and three dogs, a collie named Chloe, a boxer named Roxy, and a pug-beagle mix named Bubba took care of one another during the two days they were stranded in the backcountry. Poitras and her dogs had no food and there were periods of "torrential" rain to make things worse.

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Mrs. Poitras used her jacket to keep the small short-haired boxer warm and when one of the dogs dug a hole in the undergrowth to sleep in Poitras followed suit. Her husband said, "One of them was cuddling [her] and one of them was on guard and the other one was looking for food."

The search party to find the lost group consisted of more than 100 searchers after Mr. Poitras reported them missing. The searchers combed the wilderness near Eagle Mountain with the aide of two helicopters. When rescuers heard faint cries and loud barking they were able to track down the woman and her dogs who were in an area "well outside the normal trail system."

Poitras was described as "alive and in good condition" by the rescue team and she is currently recovering in the hospital. The couple is excited to get back to some "quiet, peace, walking dogs, visiting family."

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