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Declassified CIA Documents On Simultaneous Resignation of Emperor Showa

Echo news reveals that the CIA released 12 million internal documents on the web on the 17th of January as part of the information disclosure program based on the Information Freedom Act. The documents released could only be accessed at the private facilities of the CIA in the past.

The content of the materials unveiled the fact that the topic emperor abdication in recent years has become a political issue. Back in 1951, it was stated that there was a theory claiming that Emperor Hirohito abdicated in the same period when the Japan-US Security Treaty was being concluded.

Surprisingly, some people in the right-wing claim that Emperor Hirohito’s human declaration is not related to his son Akihito who is now the Emperor. In a comment made by one of the CIA staff, he believed that once the emperor turns over, it would end up becoming divine again.

Back in 1975 the Emperor Showa was visiting the United States with Masyoshi Ohira who was the Foreign Minister at the time, they both intended to negotiate with the United States so that it could not reveal itself as addressed to Secretary of State Kissinger.

It was evident that Mr. Ohira had been coordinating the timing of the US visit to the Emperor with the US side. However, he made it clear that he would like to have the US government state the statement in a contradictory manner to his point of view on the fact.

A telegram from back in 1974 was honored by Kishinger, who was the Secretary of State. Kissinger honored the posture of the Japanese and US governments on Emperor Showa’s visit to the US.

Some materials reveal that the topic emperor abdication had become a political issue in recent years. There’s key emphasis on the fact that Emperor Hirohito abdicated at the same time as the conclusion of the Japan-US treaty.

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