By: Savannah Smith | 11-25-2017 | News
Photo credit: KXTV

Rescued Chicken Learning To Walk Again with Therapy Wheelchair

A chicken is learning to walk again after a tragedy and an accident, thanks to the huge efforts of humans who are helping literally get back on his feet.

The chicken named Roo has rescued a few weeks ago during the fires that broke out and was taken to a ranch known for taking care of other animals. The ranch took in another rooster that was kept in a separate cage. Roo got so intimidated by the rooster because of his bigger size that he tried to fight the rooster through the cage.

The ranch owner, Darcy Smith, said that unfortunately for poor Roohe broke his beak in two places, bloodied his comb, did damage to his head and had to swell on his brain.

As a result of the injuries he sustained, Roo was not able to sit upright, eat, drink, or even crow. His owner shared Roo’s dilemma on Facebook through her chicken-focused page, Funky Chicken, and the expressions of concern for Roo and willingness to help the injured chicken have been overwhelming.

As a result of so many people showing and offering support for Roo’s rehabilitation and recovery, Smith was able to receive a special chicken wheelchair just for Roo, especially sent in all the way from Australia.

An individual who saw the post on Roo’s condition offered to pay in order to expedite the shipping of the wheelchair to the U.S. from Australia. The wheelchair arrived last week.

The once poor chicken, Roo has certainly gotten very lucky. With the wheelchair, he is now able to move around in it, sit upright. Now, his healthy appetite is more than back as Smith said he eats a ton. Smith added: “He is eating a lot of food, drinking a lot of water, and it’s just made all the difference.”

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Roo also gets to enjoy the special massage services of Smith’s 12-year-old Jessalyn. Jessalyn acts as Roo’s special physical therapist as she massages Roo’s feet. She is also slowly teaching him how to walk using the wheelchair.

Smith’s only wish for Roo is that he would not have to use the chicken wheelchair for long. The prospects look bright as Roo is showing progress.


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