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Chinese Student Secretly Gives Birth; Throws Baby Out of 4th-Floor Window

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A 19-year-old Chinese student threw her newborn baby out of a fourth-floor window after secretly giving birth in her university room.

Disturbing photos taken from the scene of the incident are even going viral showing the dead baby wrapped in a bed sheet lying on the ground beneath the dormitory building.

The horrific incident took place at Xi’an Engineering Technology College in Xián City, Shaanxi Province, north-western China.

The baby was discovered by a campus security guard. The baby was pronounced dead when brought to the hospital.

The student who threw her baby out of the window is said to be taking nursery education. She is a resident of the dormitory, staying on the fourth floor. Cops investigating the case said the young mother is in a stable condition and was brought back to her family.

She told the authorities that she got pregnant in February but kept her condition a secret. No one among her family members and school staff suspected her pregnancy since she is always attending her classes.

One teacher said that the girl was a good student who never missed her classes. The nine-month pregnancy of the student would have included the summer holidays in August and September. The teacher said: “So if her family didn’t know, there is no way we could have.”

It is not clear whether the student shared her condition to any of her close friends on the campus.

The authorities have yet to identify the father of the baby but teachers in the campus say they are certain he is not from their own college.

The authorities are also keen in finding out whether the baby was already dead before it was thrown out the window from the fourth floor of the dormitory, or if it died as a result of the fall’s impact. The gender of the baby was not released by the police.

It is not yet established what drove the student to conceal her condition, and not seek help from the school or her family, and what made her do such a thing as throw her own child.

The school has yet to officially react on the matter. It is interesting what adjustments or changes they will implement on campus to help address such issues as unwanted pregnancies, and students in distressed situations who may need help and counseling.


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