By: Savannah Smith | 11-24-2017 | News
Photo credit: Mondovi Conservation Club

Oh Deer! Protected Albino Accidentally Shot by Wisconsin Hunter

It was supposed to be a fun, friendly and harmless nine-day gun deer season where Wisconsin hunters have the license of hitting the woods in search of a prize buck, but something went awfully wrong. A deer was mistakenly shot and killed.

Mondovi Conservation Club president Al Urness shares that they are usually very excited during the hunting season. He says: “Kind of our time of the year, members have been busy getting their guns cited in and now it’s time to go out and use them.”

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ 2017 hunting regulations what is not fair game, however, for the members to shoot at is an albino- an all-white deer considered a protected animal.

Unfortunately, on Saturday, the DNR admits a local hunter mistakenly shot an albino deer in Pepin County. The hunter made the error because of the brown in the head of that particular albino deer.

According to the DNR, the local hunter turned himself in as soon as he realized the mistake he made.

The deer’s meat was brought to Gunderson Foods where it was processed.

DNR’s conservative warden Richard Rosen said that they appreciate the fact that the hunter owned up to his mistake and turned himself in. Rosen added: “He wanted to make every effort to do the right thing under the circumstances. And we are very proud of those people who find themselves in a situation where they are misinformed or make a mistake.”

The DNR gave a warning to the hunter when the buck was confiscated.

A local conservation club wants to use the unfortunate accident as a learning tool for area hunters. The deer will be donated to the Mondovi Conservation Club where it will be utilized when teaching about hunter safety.


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Anonymous No. 12595 2017-11-24 : 21:05

Accident - I call BS.

We had a junter kill a Ghost Deer down here in Middle GA. some years ago. NO ONE has let him live down or forget the stupidity of that kill.

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