By: Kyle James | 11-24-2017 | News
Photo credit: Wisconsin Department of Corrections

Court Upholds Incest Conviction After Man Caught Holding Hands With Sister

Christian Bisbach and his younger sister were at Mushroom Fest in Muscoda in 2015 when someone noticed the pair holding hands. Bisbach is currently under extended supervision for sexual assault of a child so his probation agent investigated the matter with a Grant County sheriff's deputy.

During questioning, Bisbach admitted that the young woman was indeed his biological sister but he didn't think of her as related to him since he was adopted by another family when he was 3. He added that his biological sister was born after he was adopted by another family so they never grew up together.

Incest charges were brought against Bisbach when he admitted to having a sexual relationship with his sister in 2015. He had just moved back to his parents and would have been 29 at the time while his sister was 18.

Bisbach was convicted on 12 counts of incest and sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison despite the only evidence being the testimony of the probation officer and deputy. His defense argued the state failed to prove he and the woman were in fact siblings and couldn't base their decision on his word alone.

They also argued that Bisbach's own admission couldn't be relied on and questioned why the court didn't have a family member testify, find a birth certificate or do DNA tests.

Wednesday, the Court of Appeals rejected the arguments and affirmed the convictions and sentence agreeing with prosecutors that his own admission along with recorded jail calls to his sister and the fact they were seen holding hands in public was enough to make the conviction stick.

The 18-year-old sister was also charged with 12 counts of incest but sentenced to three years probation with the condition she had no contact with Bisbach. The 29-year-old has a previous criminal record with convictions for sexual assault of a child from 2008 for which he was sentenced to 10 years probation. His probation was revoked in 2010 adding 4 years in prison to his sentence.

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