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Texas Woman Charged With Mailing Booby-Trapped Explosive To Obama

A woman in Houston, Texas has been charged after she mailed boob-trapped explosives in packages addressed to former U.S. President Barack Obama. Julia Poff, 46, has been charged with mailing explosives to Texas Governor Greg Abbott and a federal building in Maryland.

The judge ordered Poff held in jail last week leading up to her trial for indictments stemming from the attempted assassinations. The counts against Poff range from transporting explosives that were designed to kill to other criminal charges. U.S. Magistrate Judge Frances Stacy said in a five-page order, "Poff presents a real safety risk to witnesses and others in the community."

The woman was charged earlier this month but pleaded not guilty last week. Poff contacted local newspaper the Houston Chronicle in an attempt to defend herself. She claims the investigators took trash from her home that was "used in some serious crimes that we did not commit and know nothing about."

A package bearing explosives addressed to Obama was sent in 2016 while he was still in office. An FBI crime lab matched a hair found in the package to one of Poff's cats according to the detention order written by the judge. Poff expressed dislike for Obama and packages sent to the former president were intercepted before they could be delivered after being caught in the screening process.

Texas Governor Greg Abbot opened one package that was rigged to blow up but the device failed to explode. The detention order for Poff also revealed she was upset with the governor because she believed he played a role in her inability to receive support from her ex-husband when they divorced.

The packages mailed by Poff contained a pyrotechnic powder corresponding with a large number of fireworks found at her home. Currently, Poff is represented by a public defender and is scheduled to appear in court again on January 2.

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