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China Outraged At Child Molestation In Beijing Nursery

Though still ruled as a Communist state, China’s landscape is truly becoming like real estate in a capitalist big city. The closer you get to the center, the more expensive it is.

So bringing your child to a nursery in Beijing tends to be a tad more pricey than leaving it in a similar nursery in the countryside.

Hence, the outrage of parents was all the greater this week when the child molestation allegations were made public in an upmarket child nursery near Beijing’s Communist Party headquarters.

According to the official version, three teachers at the RYB Education kindergarten in Beijing's Chaoyang district will be replaced after dozens of parents said that their children were pricked with needles and drugged with unknown types of pills.

"My child is only three-and-a-half years, and I found needle marks on his thighs and buttocks. I am trembling with anger now," a parent was quoted as saying.

Furious parents have been protesting outside the kindergarten and are demanding to see the school's head, as well as insisting on viewing a surveillance video that has now been handed to police because they suspect the kindergarten has been abusing their children for a long period.

Aside from the needle marks, several parents claimed that their children refused to go to kindergarten anymore because some the teachers were feeding them unknown pills to calm them down

One of the kindergarten children could be heard saying in a video one of the parents provided: "I ate it…the teacher fed us…to sleep…other children also took them every day.”

The toughest complaint so far, however, comes from a woman who claims that her 3-year-old child, Tongtong, together with other children, had been given “physical examinations” by some "uncle and grandpa doctors," with one of the so-called "doctors" allegedly being naked.

The mother claims these physical exams were conducted in a "little dark room," where the children and other minors were sent to observe the "scene" for "obedience training."

According to Tongtong’s mother, two of such check-ups took place in the two months that she stayed in the kindergarten.

The Chinese Ministry of Education has now ordered relevant departments to open a special probe into such incidents.


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