By: Kyle James | 11-24-2017 | News
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Man Thanks Driver Who Hit His Wife For Staying With Her

There are over 18 hit-and-runs in Denver alone each day, and often the drivers wound or kill pedestrians without even stopping. John Quigley in Aurora, Colorado is thanking one driver who hit his wife for staying at the scene and helping her. Quigley credits the driver for his wife, Shelly Sederstrom, still being alive.

Quigley got a phone call from a stranger after his wife never came back from an errand. "Your wife is at the hospital, she is in intensive care on life support' … I immediately froze," he said. "Unfortunately, my wife stepped out and didn't see it. It was dark. Maybe my wife wasn't paying attention," Quigley continued. "It happened." Sederstrom was crossing the street near Joliet Street and East Mississippi in Aurora when she was struck by a vehicle. She suffered a fractured pelvis, fractured leg, a blood clot in her lung and bleeding in her brain according to her husband.

Quigley says he partially blames himself for the terrible accident. "She probably said, 'hey can you get up and go get me a pack of cigarettes or will you go with me? 'And I didn’t, I stayed in bed," he explained. "The lady didn't mean to hit my wife. She was on her way home from work," he said. "I want to thank them wherever they are because I don’t know if she'd be here if they didn't stay on scene and get medical attention as quickly as possible."

Quigley will be helping his wife recover for quite some time but says she is surrounded by family and friends for the holidays which will help her through. He wished the strangers well despite being involved in injuring his wife, "I just want her and her family to have a very nice Thanksgiving and a blessed Christmas because they gave me the best Christmas gift of my life by staying there."

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