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Photo credit: Pearvideo

An angry man in south-west China cruelly killed a bread-stealing rat by tying its limbs onto a panel, feeding it with strong wine then burning it alive. The man also claimed rats are vermin and deserved to be punished.

Mr. Shi tied up the rodent and force-fed it with a bottle of Baijiu, a super-strong alcoholic drink made from rice whose alcohol content is usually around 50 percent. The man then burnt the rat to death as its limbs got bound to a plastic mesh board.

Mr Shi, from Maguan, Yunnan Province, apparently filmed the cruel punishment as he carried it out on the rat on November 20. According to the video, which was released by Pear Video, the rat had its four limbs strapped onto a mesh panel.

'Look at you, not leaving a drop of wine to me, drink it up!' Mr Shi yelled. He then showed the rat a piece of bread. The rat twitched its body as the man questioned it with the bread. 'See how you ate the bread! Now I see how you like it with a bit of fire!' Mr. Shi lit the rat on fire and let it burn to death.

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Despite the horrendous actions, He later recorded a selfie video explaining the incident and stated that 'rats are vermin that everyone catch them and beat them'. He also tried to justify his profane actions on the grounds that he was ‘provoked’ by the rat. It remains unclear as to whether the man will be punished for his inappropriate actions.


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S. Miyo No. 12582 1511535850

"chinese are vermin that everyone catch and beat them."

poor rat. i hope the torturer gets burned alive.

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