By: Savannah Smith | 02-03-2017 | News
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Le Pen Promises To Tax Foreigners Out Of France

Far-right French leader Marine Le Pen has always professed to be ideologically-compatible with President Donald Trump and declared shortly before the Republican leader's Inauguration that Trump is, in fact, in the process of implementing her strategy of "economic patriotism and intelligent protectionism". Now, in a move that seems to replicate somehow Trump's "America First" policy, Le Pen vowed to prioritize employment for their nationals by introducing a new, additional tax to foreign workers being hired in her country.

Le Pen shared that income from such additional taxes would not only benefit their own people as far as employment opportunities are concerned, but the income from imposing additional taxes on foreign workers in France would go into the French welfare system. She said that the funds from the new taxes could support unemployment benefits for French citizens.

Le Pen is convinced that such move would force employers to introduce and eventually subscribe to "national priority".

The National Front leader is enjoying growing support in opinion polls even as the French mainstream attempt to undermine her presidential bid. She has previously hailed the upset victories of Brexit and Trump, and said she is confident she will continue the same game-changing global trend with her own victory in the French election in April.

Le Pen also claimed that globally " we are experiencing the end of the world and the birth of another". She is also fervently pushing for France's own exit from the European Union and follow the lead of the U.K. She also supports giving French nationals priority for housing.

One of her main rivals in the election, Francois Fillon, is fighting to stay in the race after being rocked with corruption scandal, with allegations that he used public funds available for MPs to pay his wife and children hundreds of thousands of euros for fake jobs.

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