By: Steve Dellar | 11-23-2017 | News
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How To Avoid Fighting Over Trump At Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US buddies first of all.

I understand this is a big deal for Y'all, with the turkey and the football and families coming together. And a lot, a lot of eating.

If it’s anything like European family gatherings, then you all realize there are topics of discussions to be avoided if you don’t want it to end in a shouting match.

I couldn’t help noticing that this is the second Thanksgiving for everyone whilst Trump is commander in chief. Last year was only two weeks after the election, this year is a bit different, but you can be sure that the topic will come up.

You can all try and talk about other things, your lives, your jobs, the weather, but I’m 100% sure President Trump won’t go unmentioned.

Therefore, expect lots of politics along with your turkey and stuffing.

As soon as the name is mentioned, the millennials at the table will go blank (Western civilization was dropped as a school subject before they were born).

Whereas most people who vote left in your family were still shell-shocked last year, by now they have come to realize that Trump is not going be replaced any time soon and that this is indeed the new reality.

What does it leave for conversation topics? The football match isn’t a good idea because kneeling will be brought up very quickly.

With the Supreme Court about to be reshuffled, the US pulling out of the Climate program, the stock market at an all-time high, unemployment at an all-time low and a crazy guy in North Korea picking a fight that doesn’t leave much to discuss.

We would, therefore, advise going with compliments as much as you can.

Compliment that crazy uncle, nephew, sister on his or her job, clothing or new look as much as you can before going to the dinner table. Because you know very well you’re gonna be attacked any time soon. Compliment any aspect of the food that you can, even though that Turkey will taste like cardboard once again.

Try and work your way through dinner whilst spreading compliments so that when the Trump discussion starts, and it will start, at least you are in a bit of a safer spot.

In any case, try and enjoy it if you can. Happy Thanksgiving.


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Anonymous No. 12533 2017-11-23 : 16:41

Happy thanksgiving everybody.

Anonymous No. 12535 2017-11-23 : 19:01

fuck you 12533

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