By: Lawrence Snyder | 02-02-2017 | News
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Video Details Muslim Plot to Colonize America Through Refugees

A YouTube video is starting to get traction due to its controversial content about a secret plot by Muslims to colonize the U.S. According to the video, this plan is being enforced by a Muslim supremacist group through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The video, which was posted by the Center for Security Policy, has reached almost three million views and features Ann Corcoran of the Refugee Resettlement Watch. She begins by talking about how a church group from a different state brought hundreds of refugees to her hometown in 2006 through a resettlement program.

According to her, this program was initiated by the UNHCR. However, what struck her about the move was that she knows that her hometown was not ready and capable enough in terms of its local economy, subsidized housings and healthcare systems to handle hundreds of refugees.

Corcoran claims that even though settlement areas are not fit to shelter refugees, the UNHCR still proceeds with this program because it is under the heavy influence of the Organization of Islamic Conference, a group she refers to as a supremacist faction for Muslims.

According to her, through the legal actions of the UNHCR, this group is able to carry out the hijra, which is an Arabic term for migration. Strictly following the teachings of the Islamic prophet Mohammed to migrate and spread their religion, Corcoran claims that the Organization of Islamic Conference aims to colonize and dominate the U.S.

“Many are forming cities within cities, perhaps you know one where you live, where mosques are being built to consolidate, train and promote a growing American-Muslim population and its Islamic supremacist doctrine called sharia,” she said.

Fortunately, this controversial plot to take over the U.S. will probably not happen especially since President Donald Trump has not taken the necessary steps to enforce policies that are focused on minimizing the influx of refugees entering the country and to finally curb the immigration crisis.

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