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Photo credit: Cumberland County Jail

There are sick and sadistic criminals, and there are animals who simply do not belong in society at all.

In Fayetteville, North Carolina, law enforcement say that 18-year-old Antonio Hollywood Campbell is one of those creatures who shouldn't be allowed around the rest of civilization after he choked his girlfriend and then decapitated her puppy with a hatchet.

Cumberland County Sheriff Ennis Wright said that Campbell’s girlfriend, Jordon Stevens, first called emergency 911 to alert deputies that she had sought treatment at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center with neck pains from being choked by Campbell.

According to Stevens Campbell became violent after he accused her of talking to other men, and then shoved her onto a bed and began choking her until she was nearly unconscious and unable to see.

Stevens also told Deputies that Campbell became violently angry a few weeks ago, telling her, “Well if you ain’t gonna be with me, then I am going to kill the dog,” before beheading her puppy with a hatchet.

Campbell tied a leash around the puppy’s neck and swung the animal in the air. He also tied the leash to the back of a vehicle and dragged the puppy a short distance before he placed the dog between two cinder blocks and cut off its head with a hatchet,<a href="">News and Observer reported</a>.

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Once Detectives from the Sheriff's Office arrived at his Gillespie Street home to charge Campbell they also found a sawed-off shotgun, which is considered as a weapon of mass destruction.

Sheriff Wright said that Detectives also located the cinder block, hatchet, and the remains of the puppy as they carried out a search of Campbell’s residence.

He's now been detained into the Cumberland County Jail on multiple charges including domestic violence, animal cruelty, and possession of a weapon of mass destruction

A judge on Monday set Campbell’s bond at $137,500 in order to hopefully keep this savage behind bars where he belongs.

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Anonymous No. 12518 1511445453

Sick bastard

Anonymous No. 12521 1511449547

"There are sick and sadistic criminals, and there are animals who simply do not belong in society at all."


American Voter No. 12523 1511450794

When I saw the title "Savage in North Carolina decapitates a puppy", I thought it was a story about Michael Savage, the top-rated radio host. Turns out, it was just a rasciss dindu…

Anonymous No. 12530 1511454374

The 'strength' of die-versity in action. This stuff doesn't happen in homogeneous white nations. But the (((globalists))) are working hand over fist to destroy those few remaining nations resisting the mass migration of soldiers of demographic replacement into their homelands.

Whites are racist oppressors.

Nonwhites are victims.

But race doesn't exist.

Yet racial diversity is the ideal.

Let's celebrate our diversity.

But we're all the same.

And we should mix.

But only in white nations.

#RaceRealism #WhiteAdvocacy

Lipto No. 12534 1511461702

"…a sawed-off shotgun, which is considered as a weapon of mass destruction."

No, it isn't. Not anywhere or at any time. A WMD is nuclear, biological, or chemical and capable of taking out enormous amounts of people and rendering habitat toxic for significant periods of time.

ChuckyD No. 12545 1511470478

Seems to be a dearth of information on whether he was - you know, born here or here legally, or can blame this on being from a culture where that is just how you prepare dog

Blacklivematterlove No. 12549 1511478566

Dis ks pure racist callin thiz bro a savage stfu ya white azz bytchnuttz

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