By: Kyle James | 11-22-2017 | News
Photo credit: Lake County Sheriff

High School Teacher Caught On Video Doing Lines Of Coke At School

A teacher at a St. John, Indiana High School was caught cutting up and snorting a white substance in the classroom. Students witnessed the teacher snorting the substance and took a video from the other room.

The students contacted school authorities and said they believe the video showed her snorting cocaine. St. John Police Chief James Kveton said administrators then contacted police.

Dyer Police Chief David Hein issued a Dyer Police Department K-9 narcotics unit to the High School and arrested Samantha Cox, 24, and assisted St. John police officers with the investigation.

Michael Sanchez, a Lake Central High School student, said, "Lake Central is a safe school. We have a lot of pride. We love our school a lot. And for something like this to happen, it's just, it's very unusual."

Another video shared on social media shows Cox being escorted from the High School by police officers. School administrators confirmed police are taking action against the teacher.

A statement from the school said the situation was handled with "swift and forceful action."

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Anything to get through the school day…

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