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Richard Spencer Hails Trump's 'de-Judaification' of Holocaust

The leading ideologue of the alt-right, for Richard Spencer was perhaps revolutionary after President Trump’s Holocaust Remembrance Day statement that failed to mention anti-Semitism or Jews. Richard Spencer dubbed it the de-Judaification of the Holocaust.

In a short post for his website, Spencer wrote that Jewish activists have long insisted on making the Holocaust all about their meta-narrative of suffering and a way to undergird their peculiar position in the American society.

In Spencer’s perspective, the Holocaust has become a sort of moral bludgeon that is used against white nationalist. Spencer wrote that we can’t limit immigration, because Hitler. We can’t be proud of ourselves as a Europeans, because Holocaust, adding that white people can be Christian, but not too Christian, because Auschwitz.

Spencer also added that its necessary for any idea, policy, or belief that is markedly right-wing and traditional and evokes identity, power, hierarchy, and dominance – to be regulated by the possibility that it could potentially lead back to German Fuhrer. The onetime Duke University PhD student has popularized the term alt-right, which is a broad label that defines a new generation of white nationalists.

Some influential members of the movement like Andrew Anglin, identify with Neo-Nazis, Spencer says he is not a Nazi and denies the label that is often attributed to him, as he prefers the term identitarian – this refers to a far right political movement that has roots in France.

Spencer used ‘’kvetching’’ a Yiddish term for complaining to dismiss Jewish responses to President Trump’s statement. He also elided Jewish suffering as he spoke about Hitler and the Holocaust, as he told the Daily Caller that terrible things were done to many people during that terrible war.

In a statement that he made to the Daily Caller, Spencer does not outright condemn Hitler as he called him a historical figure, adding that he’s done things that are despicable. However, he did not go into details.

In Spencer’s perspective, the de-Judification of the Holocaust is ideally Trumpian statement. During the presidential campaign, Spencer championed Trump despite being critical of the president at times. In a recent interview on The David Pakman Show, Spencer said that Trump is a white nationalist and he is alt-right whether he likes it or not.

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