By Savannah Smith  |  11-23-2017   News
Photo credit: AP

Sabein Burgess spent almost two decades in prison but not once did he waver in defending that he did not have anything to do with the murder of a former girlfriend he was charged and convicted of.

Now, a federal jury says he is right, after all. The jury gave a final vindication to Burgess whom they have judged as wrongfully convicted. As compensation, they are awarding Burgess with $15 million in his lawsuit against the Baltimore Police Department and two detectives.

Burgess, now 47, insists the financial compensation was not even a priority for him, what matters to him is to be proven right in his legal battle. He said his lawsuit essentially was about “clearing my name and proving that I was used as the scapegoat to close the case.”

Burgess was released from jail after being exonerated in 2014. The federal jury came out with their decision to award him with $15 million late Tuesday.

He spoke to the Associated Press the following day, Wednesday, while at a relative’s home in Baltimore.

The city says they are planning to appeal the verdict.


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