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18-Year-Old Thai Army Recruit's Body Returned To Family With No Organs

A Thai army cadet named Pakapong Tanyakan died suddenly while in the military's training program but they did not release details of his autopsy causing the family to be suspicious.

After his body was returned to his family, they held a fake cremation ceremony while secretly having a second autopsy performed privately. This second autopsy at a private hospital revealed that Tanyakan came home missing most of his major organs. The deceased cadet's sister, Supicha Tanyakan, says, "It turns out when they opened up his skull, there was only tissue paper."

The young recruit's heart, stomach, and bladder were also absent from his corpse which needless to say, is not very comforting for his family. The privately conducted autopsy also revealed both his collarbones were broken, his fourth rib was fractured and he had internal bruising on the right side of his abdomen.

None of the army's doctors mention any of the injuries in their own autopsy. Lieutenant Colonel Narut Thongsorn, a senior doctor at the Army Institute for Pathology said, "His body had no signs of injuries at all, so we partially removed some of his organs, like his brain and heart, for detailed examination."

Thailand is known to be a military eccentric nation after a coup in 2014 where Generals took over the country. The Thailand army also has a history of hazing and recruit death scandals. A lottery takes place each year deciding which young males get drafted to duty and military-style training programs have even been implemented in kindergartens.

A press conference in Bangkok with the officer in charge of the cadet school Tuesday denied that the young cadet's death was related to a punishment three months ago where he was caught using a forbidden path and forced to sit upside down in a sauna for several hours. The officer said, "He fell unconscious and demonstrated low vital signs that day."

On the day before his death on October 16, Tanyakan participated in activities like normal but experienced quickened breathing causing him to go to the first aid station. The next day, he was sent to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

In the United States, a US court ruled in 2015 that brains don't have to be returned inside bodies after an autopsy and in Thailand apparently, they feel the same way.

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