By: Kyle James | 11-22-2017 | News
Photo credit: Boston 25 News

Cancer Ridden Dog's Surgery Fund Stolen In Smash And Grab

A heartbreaking story of how one dog's ticket to a life-saving cancer surgery was stolen in a smash and grab now has a happy ending thanks to the internet. The dog's name is Prince and he had only a few months left to live without the surgery so his owner's set out to raise the funds they needed.

The family in Massachusetts who owns Prince raised over $3,000 in cash but it was stolen when robbers smashed their way in through a glass sliding door. They took a jar with the money they had raised along with jeweler and a high-end speaker when nobody but Prince was home.

When Melissa Horstman arrived home she found broken glass shattered all over Prince and his bed. She told local news, "They hurt my dog, they took the money for his surgery. I turned the blinds on and there was glass all over the floor, all over my dog, all over his blanket." Luckily, the despicable robbers were caught on surveillance video and police are reviewing it for clues. The video also shows a white SUV just before and shortly after the burglary but no arrests have been made yet. Horstman condemned the robbers saying, "They’re just going to do this repeatedly to more people, no one deserves this."

Thanks to the internet, Prince now has the money for his surgery plus a lot more thanks to a Go Fund Me campaign that has raised nearly $18,000 dollars in less than 24 hours. It goes to show the internet isn't just full of depraved psychos and racist memes, there are plenty of people with good hearts and collectively they have the power to do achieve great acts of kindness for total strangers.

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